The YES I CAN Experience

Discover It ~ Design It ~ Live It

The Beach House Hotel
Hermosa Beach Pier
December 1, 2017


Yes I Can is a mindset, a mantra, and a motivation for success in ALL areas of your life! It's about living all out and playing all in! It's about saying YES to you - both personally and professionally!

  • Are you ready to make more money?
  • Do you want more time to pursue your personal passions?
  • Are you tired of saying yes to everyone elses demands on your life, leaving you at the point of overwhelm and exhaustion?
  • Are you truly ready to find happiness in all areads of your life -  saying YES to YOU and your dreams?

If you answered yes to even ONE of those questions, then read on....


Because it's time to push "pause",  get out from the daily grind and work ON your life, not stay stuck IN it!

  • It's time to take control and let go
  • It's time to climb out of your comfort zone and play all out
  • It's time to commit to living the life you dreamed of and playing all in

The Yes I Can Experience is undoubtedly like nothing you have ever attended! You'll be rolling up your sleeves and doing the work to create the business and life you want - ON YOUR TERMS. We will lay the foundation for your success - both personally and professionally.


  • We will discover your WHY -  what makes you tick, what gets you excited, and how you can have MORE of that in your life.
  • We will create a vision for your life goals, your business goals and your happiness and fulfillment factors.
  • We will create a step-by-step pathway to success, mapping it out with your dreams, goals and tasks.

Do you know what you want? I mean REALLY know what you want for your life? It's time to peel back the layers and DISCOVER what makes you tick! What is your why? What are you values? Where are your priorities?  What is working and what isn't in your life - and where might you need to make some shifts!

Then it's time to dream it, own it and DESIGN it! Yes, dream, design and give a solid vision to your life goals, your business and professional goals - not to mention your happiness and fulfillment factors! During the DESIGN phase, we will create your very own step-by-step pathway to success, mapping out your whole 2018 plan starting with your big YES dream!

We will be together all day - celebrating your successes of 2017 and planning your 2018! We will start at 9am and finish at 9pm (though if you don't want to stay for our evening activities, you can leave at 5pm!)

“Color Outside the Lines! Think Outside the Box!
Live Outside the Limits of Your Fears!”

- Cathy Alessandra, The YES Coach

What Is the Agenda?


During the morning session, we will begin the process of discovering your YES! We will peel back the layers to DISCOVER what is most important to YOU and what's getting in your way!

  • Session 1: Mindset, Mantra & Motivation: Big Dreams ~ Big Vision
  • Session 2: Inspiration & Implementation: Make Fear Your Fuel


It's time to design and develop your plan of action! We have done the work and know the what and why. Now it's time to DESIGN the who, where, when and how!

  • Session 3: Focus, Freedom & Fulfillment: It's All in the Time Management
  • Session 4: Your Happy, Healthy & Wealthy YES: The #1 Key to Success


The afternoon and optional evening activities are all about LIVING your YES! You will experience team work and collaboration, build communication and leadership skills plus have time for networking  with like-minded YES I CAN women!

  • We will "color outside the lines" in creativity!
  • We will "think outside the box" in collaborative fun!
  • We will "live outside the limits of our fears" in teamwork and play!

1 Hour Private Personal Coaching Session with Cathy

How many times have you attended an event only to go home and have further questions? Not this time! For those who are serious and take action to reserve their seat by November 17th, I am offering a BONUS 1 hour private coaching call POST event. Yes, POST EVENT - so you can ask questions and get the answers you need to move forward!

The YES I CAN Experience


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  • "What a terrific event! Thank you, thank you for your wisdom and insights! The Yes I Can program helped me gain insight to specific roadblocks that was inhibiting my success. Cathy taught me to truly believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!."
    Alicia White
  • "I attended the YES I CAN conference with a desire to be inspired by Cathy!  Joining the incubator was a powerful experience and helped me to uncover my passion and purpose. THANK YOU Cathy for helping me uncover what’s been holding me back and getting in my way of acheiving my goals."
    Catherine Paour
  • With so many options competing for my time, it's critical that the time I invest at a conference provide actionable content.  Cathy's Yes I Can event delivered both concrete and inspirational information in a polished and professional setting.  So much energy! 
    Janice Walters
  • "Cathy Alessandra's Yes I Can event was fantastic! Cathy's own story and how "you can do it too" process is simple and easy to follow. I would highly recommend attending her event if you are looking to make a real change in your life that allows you to live your dreams."
    Joy Chudacoff

The YES I CAN Experience

It's YOUR life! Discover It ~ Design It ~ Live It!

Reserve Your Seat Now!

Who Is Your Host, Cathy Alessandra?

"I am a mother of three kids in their 20's, an entrepreneur of 20+ years and a California girl who loves the ocean! I love playing the piano, playing the car radio loudly and singing along, traveling, entertaining in my home and hanging out with friends. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am passionate and purpose-driven.  My values are faith, family, freedom and making a difference! My personal mission is to inspire and motivate 1000's of women to create and live their YES I CAN life! I've been there.  I've walked in the trenches of heartache and sorrow, I've celebrated the joy of transformation and transition and now it's my mission to support others to do the same - to live their best  life, one YES at a time!"

Cathy Alessandra is the YES Coach and works with women who are tired of saying yes to everyone but themselves. She helps her clients peel back the layers to discover their true passion and purpose, allowing them to find more fulfillment both personally and professionally. 
As an entrepreneur for 20+ years, Cathy’s business experience owning and publishing two successful magazines and selling them gives her the expertise to coach her clients in business and marketing. Her personal journey of losing 75 pounds and making a total life transformation in multiple areas gives her the tools to coach her clients in making their own personal life transformations. Her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coach Federation gives her the training to coach others to their success in life and business. She walks her talk and coaches others to do the same! It's all about strategic YESes and abundant NOs in business, health, mindset and more.

Ok Cathy, What Is My Investment?

I'm Glad Your Asked.....

There are ONLY 20 Seats Total.
When those 20 are gone - they are gone!
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